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Why Chili Peppers?

I think it’s my Spanish roots that drive my passion for color and flair. That, coupled with the technical background I received at the The School of Architecture at The University of Texas, forms the foundation for the visuals we produce here at Art Effects.

Over 25 years ago I founded the studio on the principals of quality and good service and that continues to be our focus in everything we create for our clients.
• We welcome, and in fact, nurture long-term relationships
 as a way to better position our clients in their markets.
• We approach each assignment, not as an individual challenge,
 but as an integral part of our client’s marketing strategy.
• We stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends to provide
the most appropriate solution for each project.

Nena Pavlik, Principal, Art Effects

And one more tidbit about Art Effects: We maintain a MBE/WBE certification. Ole’!